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Learn Online Technology to Launch Your Business.

Our five days to launch program was made specifically for small business owners and solopreneurs who are ready to start their own business but don't know how to get everything set up and structured online so they can launch.

We help you with everything from web design and social media set up to contact forms, subscriber forms and marketing planning.

Our training has also helped traditional marketers looking to add online marketing as a service to their clients as well as future marketing professionals who want to learn online marketing as a business.

We've also helped moms and women who have started a side business. They love our training and marketing assistance...

"Alison has helped me find new revenue sources through her training and I am finding more success now in my second business that I hope will one day be my only business."

"I wanted to learn how to use Wordpress and I learned it on 5 Days to Launch - thank you!"

"Before I started my training, I didn't know how to keep my images from being blurry or how you can target people by zip code on Facebook. Now I know and I am already seeing a benefit."

"I sell jewelry online through a company. It is my second job. They have lots of resources and training but this program has given me more help on how to use online tools to grow my business. I am glad I signed up for this marketing training."

"I have a small budget and was ready to start my coaching business. I wanted everything ready - my site done, my e-newsletter, my courses ready to purchase and my Facebook started. I was overwhelmed with all the resources and wasn't sure where to begin. I am so glad I signed up with five days to launch. I am officially online and marketing myself and I didn't go broke to do it. Thank you!

Learn Online Technology to Market Your Business.

Through years of marketing assistance with small businesses, medical offices and coaches, women with side businesses and moms, we found that one of the most difficult things to do is continually create and engage with consistent marketing.

There are millions of valid reasons why this is difficult "I don't know where to start" "I can't tell if its working" "I don't know what to do" "I don't know how to do it" "I'm afraid of doing it wrong"...

So, we have included technology marketing training in all of our programs. AND, if you already have your business up and running online, you can subscribe to just our technology marketing training.

This training gives you marketing tasks to complete each month along with training on how to implement. We give you examples to help you incorporate the marketing into your business. We also review and suggest new online marketing techniques and how you might bring those into your business for more success.

"Alison's technology marketing training has been invaluable to our firm. She continually trains our staff on how to use the online tools available to promote our services. She has taken people who know nothing about online marketing and even some who rarely use Facebook and made them pros."

If you are a business owner with a team behind you, this program is perfect for your office manager.

If you are just starting a business, or a side business this program is perfect for you.

If you want to make marketing your career, this program is a perfect training ground for you.

You will learn how to do things like lead generation, social media marketing, paid social media marketing, automated lead funnels, blogging, e-mail newsletter strategies, selling online, promoting online and more...

Learn Online Technology to Make More Money.

Private Business Owners Community with a Wealth of Tools & Resources Needed to Build Your Empire

We know how important it is to have tools, resources and a community when you are launching, building and owning a business. The opportunity to connect with other business owners across the world. The knowledge base you have access to when making a decision. The tools and resources you need to accomplish pieces of your business. The recommendations and the cheering section.

These are all vitally important to your business and your life. So, we have created an online Facebook community and resource section as part of our training programs.

Our intention is to train you to use online technology and online marketing technology so you can successfully do what you need to do to succeed. It starts with basic training on web site design, social media set up and lead capture. It continues with setting up online stores, creating and editing images, working with videos and media, creating membership sites, security for your business and taking online payments. Then you work on your marketing technology - using Facebook and other sites to market, blogging and sharing information with your target audience, growing your email list, keeping in touch with your clients, promoting products and services and finding new business.

But it doesn't stop there, you will become a part of our private Linkedin group. This group is a network of business owners. It is also a way for you to become an expert at using Linkedin to access and find new business. This group gives you access to tools and resources you didn't know were available..

Stressing about technology? All of this sounds good but you would rather just pay someone to do it? No problem!

We started our business by helping business owners launch their online presence - contact our custom online branding service for a complimentary assessment and quote.

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